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Tammy Montgomery-Dozier   (Unmute)

Tammy Montgomery-Doz’ier

Award-Winning Author, Professional Speaker, Director, Singer, and Actress


Tammy Montgomery-Doz’ier is an award-winning author (Speakers Publishers And Authors’ Author of the Year 2016), professional speaker, director, singer, and actress. She is an SPAA certified master speaker, certified life coach, certified in Mental Health First Aid, and a former rape crisis advocate with the Young Women’s Christian Association.

Tammy has been providing informational training courses on helping other people thrive in their businesses and personal lives. Her unique ability to connect on a personal level allows her to break through the barriers with her audience. She is an excellent motivational speaker on subjects such as mental health, sexual abuse, addictive behavior and eating disorders.

As an author, she writes books that deal with real-life issues such as obesity, self-esteem, mental health, and sexual abuse. Her first book was entitled “From F.A.D.S. (False Allegiance to Destructive Stuff),” which took inspiration from the actual word that means a “craze” that lasts for a short period.

In this book, Tammy explores the possibilities of what can happen to the word fad when we use it as an acronym to promote longevity for the spirit. Her purpose for this publication is to take a short-term problem and change it into a long-term solution.

Meanwhile, her organization, Connected By Love Consulting, deals with mental health and community issues. She believes that we need to end the stigma of “what happens in this house stays in this house.” Through this platform, her mission is to share her voice with the world, enlighten people to stand in their truth, and create change in the communities. 


SPAA Theatre and Performing Arts Center

August 2012 – Present

Singer, Actress, Director, and Author

Musical Performances

  • Musical Tributes to:
    • Prince
    • Natalie Cole
    • The Emotions
    • Jill Scott
    • Anita Baker
    • En Vogue
    • Fantasia
  • The Queens of Soul
  • Poodles, Pennies, and Platforms
  • Soul Heaven

Stage Plays

  • The Teddy Pendergrass Story as Teddy’s Mother "Ida Geraldine Epps"
  • What Goes Around Comes Around as "Nicole"
  • Rape of the Heart as "Emily"
  • The Marvin Gaye Story as "Tammi Terrell"
  • I’m Still Wearing Your Name as "Kathy"
  • Preaching and Creeping as "First Lady"

Director and Producer Tasks

Stage Plays

 “If It Don’t Fit”

"The White Room"


  • SPAA International
  • Certified Professional
  • Master Speaker
  • Master Writer
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Mental Health First Aid Certification
  • YWCA Rape Crisis Advocate
  • MBA in Health Services


  • From F.A.D.S. to Freedom (False Allegiance to Destructive Stuff)
  • Addicted to Pain: The Pain Stops, When the Silence Ends! 
  • Connected By Love: Choices, Chances & Changes


Tammy has participated in two book collaborations within the SPAA organization. In 2017, she collaborated in writing.

  •  “The Power Within,” where she wrote the chapter called “Just a Background Singer.”

  •  Meanwhile, in 2019, she wrote the section named “Mental Illness” in the book entitled “The Seeds of Truth”.


  • SPAA International National Board
  • National Chapter Vice President of Training & Development
  • President of the Chicago South SPAA Chapter
  • National Chairperson of Chapter Development and Training

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